Interior Doors
  • A overlap

  • Coplanar

  • Sliding Flush

  • Concealed hinges

Synthesis and structural quality are hallmarks internal doors Metra.

They can be used in residential living, both in

business spaces … in both cases the solutions are ideal

in many architectural contexts.

The doors and partition walls Metra guarantee solidity,

leak-proof, durability and acoustic comfort.

The design complements promise a wide selection and taste

aesthetic. The finishes are lots and exciting: from

colors with natural pigments multilayer, to different effects

metal oxidized and sandblasted.


1- profile frame
2- profile compensator
3- profile door
4- profile through basic
5- Panel
6- seal door hinged
7- Rubber seal wall frame
8- Rubber seal and interior finish screw cover

• Panels with a thickness of 40 mm.

• monolithic glass with a thickness of 8 mm.

• Screws not in view for the fixing of the frames to the masonry and for

the fixing of the compensating frames (hidden by specific seals).

• frames compensators consist of profiled double tubularity to obtain a correct union of the angle.

• Ability to cover one wall thickness variable from 90 mm up to 215 mm.

• adjust shim suitable for glazing and panels with mounting thread.

• Locks with entrance 35/50/60 mm.

• Glazing bead rounded with front mounting and coupling quick with clips nylon.

• hinges with stainless steel pin adjusted, adjustable height and rotation.

• doors with profiled door lowered, suitable for all the perimeter.

• Sliding doors into the wall

• wide range of choice between the various models.



• Speed ‚Äč‚Äčassembly

• Inalterability and durability

• Easy maintenance





• offices, schools, hospitals, housing

• Compatible with the system NC 100 Partition Walls and with profiles of the casement series NC 50 I


Finishes and colors

The surface finishes are composed of natural pigments

zero environmental impact and aesthetics and extraordinary durability.

Oxidized paint, matt, shiny, high gloss, wood effect,

or paint with frosted effect.

In particular, the evolution line was inspired by architects,

to give value to new life styles: contemporary colors,

matt-gloss effects and shimmering, great strength and durability.